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Kerala Restaurant in Indonesia

Kerala Restaurant in Indonesia
Kerala Restaurant in Indonesia- Lemon-Rice
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Feel The Healthy Food With a DELICIOUS Taste From Us.

Kerala Restaurant in Indonesia

Kerala Restaurant in Indonesia, Presenting you a full course menu. Where each item is prepared with the essence of a home kitchen using Handpicked Produce and natural Ingredients with Homemade Blends of Herbs and Spices. Which is cooked with Natural virgin oils to obtain the unique taste of Spice Journey kitchen. We offer you pure & authentic food and beverages which we guarantee are free from all agents and preservatives. We firmly believe that everyone deserves high-quality food. Thus we provide wholesome and rich food that is absolutely more than a value pack, one can enjoy it with full peace of mind. Spice Journey Bali Best Kerala Restaurant in Indonesia, you can Experience one of the best rich flavors with our Authentic dishes and warm ambiance.

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Kerala Restaurant in Indonesia - Lamp Biriyani
Lamb Biriyani

Slow-cooking the finest grains of Basmati Rice with the essence of spices merges these flavors with marinated meat and yogurt, curing and enhancing its traditional texture and flavor.

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Meen Porichathu

We cook freshly caught King Fish using pure coconut oil, along with fresh herbs and a home blend of spices, to derive the optimum taste and satisfaction.

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Kofta Curry

In its simplest form, koftas comprise balls of ground meat – typically beef, chicken, lamb, mutton, or a mixture – that chefs mix with spices or onions.

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Kerala Restaurant in Indonesia

Spices: The gift of nature for your ultimate tasting pleasure.

Spice Journey

Authentic Indian Restaurant

Spice Journey Kerala Restaurant, located in the heart of Indonesia, offers a delightful exploration of Indian cuisine. Featuring fragrant curries, aromatic biryanis, and tandoori dishes cooked to perfection. The warm ambiance transports diners to the vibrant streets of India. With a menu that caters to various tastes, from fiery vindaloo to creamy butter chicken, making it a must-visit for Indian food enthusiasts in Indonesia.